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The Kindred Satchel

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The Kindred Satchel

We understand that as a parent, staying connected with your child's day-to-day activities at nursery is important. That's why we're thrilled to introduce you to The Kindred Satchel— or ‘Satchel’ for short— our parent communication app, designed to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

The Kindred Satchel is an all-in-one management and communication platform for Kindred parents and teams. It allows everyday moments to be shared with you in a safe and secure way, via your child's 'Learning Journey'. 

Satchel also allows instant messaging back and forth between parents and their nursery, while helping our nurseries save time by easing some of their admin tasks. Parents can be informed about events and trips as well, helping you to keep up to date. 

The app isn't meant to replace face-to-face contact with us, instead helping to make communication simpler and more accessible at all times. 

  • Activity Feed

    Activity Feed

    Stay up-to-date with your child's day via their Activity Feed, where you can keep track of things such as their meal times, sleep times and nappy changes.

  • Instant Messaging

    Instant Messaging

    Got a message to pass on, or want to check in on how your child is getting on? Chat with your Key Worker or the Nursery Management in the 'Messages' tab.

  • Events Calendar

    Events Calendar

    Nursery events such as family days, performances or parties will be added to the Satchel calendar so that you never miss a thing.

  • Payments made simple

    Payments made simple

    Check your balance, invoices, and even make payments directly through the app in the 'Balances' section.

  • The Learning Journey

    The Learning Journey

    Your little one's Learning Journey will be filled with pictures and write-ups of what they've been up to, what they're enjoying and any milestones they're achieving... You can even upload photos of your own from home!

  • slide

    No more early morning phone calls! Easily log any absences, be it sickness, appointments or holiday, with the simple press of a button on your child's Activity Feed.

Selina O
Parent at Kindred Westcliff
"...the app is fantastic, it updates me throughout their day whilst I’m at work to reassure any concerns with their nappy changes, to what they have eaten and how much of it and pictures to see them enjoy the many activities that are put on throughout the day."
Eleanor Sibley
Nursery Manager, Kindred Huntingdon
"We love that Satchel helps our parents and carers to feel involved in their child's day. Family is at the heart of everything we do, so giving them the opportunity to be included in what they're up to, to see their achievements and milestones... It's very special."

Available to download via
The App Store & Google Play

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