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About Us

We are Passionate About Good Food…

Eating well for life, means starting early. We want to share our love of healthy, homecooked, tasty food with our children.

We are passionate about giving them the right start in life and have worked with Action for Children, Eat better, Start better initiative to develop our very own nutritious, homemade menus. We are proud to say that these menus have been accredited by a Children’s Nutritionist to ensure they meet the Government guidelines.

We believe in the importance of a healthy and balanced diet to fuel growth and development.

We have worked with Action for Children, Eat better, Start better nutritionists to ensure that the food and drink that we provide our children is healthy, balanced and nutritious, meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirement. All our menus have been accredited by Action for Children, giving families even more reassurance that the food their children eat with us is going to give them the best start in life.

We also want our children developing a love of food that is full of flavour and texture and tastes great to encourage children to try new things. You will find a range of tasty and interesting dishes prepared by high qualified cooks on our menus.

We don’t add sugar or salt, our cooks produce each dish on site from fresh ingredients, so this means we know exactly what goes into each meal.

Of course, some children have varied tastes and tolerances, so from our tasty Moroccan Spicy Lamb to our delicious Fusilli with Tomato & Lentil Sauce, we cater for all dietary requirements and have a robust system in place to ensure each child safely receives the right food.

Family Meals

Chicken and Pineapple Korma.pdf

Chicken and Pineapple Korma
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Moroccan Lamb Vegetable Tagine.pdf

Moroccan Lamb Vegetable Tagine
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Yummy Desserts

Sugar Free Date Muffins

Sugar Free Date Muffins
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Apple and Oat Crumble

Apple and Oat Crumble
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Our Current Autumn and Winter Menu

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Menu: Week Two

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Menu: Week Three

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Menu: Week Four

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