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Childcare Day Nurseries in Bromley

Our nurseries in Bromley offer a welcoming environment for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Get in touch with our high quality and professional childcare staff now to see how we can help.

Located within easy reach of public transport networks, our nurseries are well established in the area and are highly popular with families throughout Bromley.

The Kindred Nurseries in Bromley include:

All the Kindred nurseries offer childcare throughout the year, with opening hours covering a full working day Monday to Friday all year round except for Christmas and bank holidays.

Our Bromley Nursery Childcare Staff

At the heart of our nurseries in Bromley is our wonderful staff.  Offering award winning, highly qualified teams, each of our nurseries are run by true early years experts.  Our staff are continually developing their skills through our dedicated training programme to ensure we always offer the highest level of service.

Each of our nurseries in Bromley is all about creating inspiring experiences for your little ones, with environments which encourage awe and wonder every day.  We deliver an educational curriculum which meets the government standard of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and we work hard to enable children to learn confidently, form positive relationships with others and are inspired to learn every day.

Our Bromley nurseries are created with learning environments in mind.  With indoor and outdoor spaces offering endless opportunities to explore and investigate safely, we allow children to learn in the ways which work best for their individual needs.