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Kindred Windmill Montessori Nursery School's Approach

Kindred Windmill Montessori Nursery School's Approach

Our Approach

We believe that a child’s early years education is a preparation for life. This should be a holistic approach that integrates mind, body and spirit to achieve a truly social school community in which personal relationships and skills are given the highest priority.

We are passionate about Montessori education. We provide an environment in which children develop on an individual basis guided from within by their natural curiosity and by the careful guidance of our experienced Montessori teachers. This nurturing environment fosters self-discipline, self-confidence and an ability to concentrate. Our experience shows that this type of education provides children with a true joy in learning. We see the early years as a preparation for life and a foundation on which everything that follows is built. ‘Who’ a child is, we feel, is more important than ‘what’ a child achieves in the form of goals during this time.

Over the decades, we have created and refined our own curriculum. At Windmill Montessori we cover all areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and our highly regarded team of Montessori Teachers enhanced this through the use of the Montessori Method and our philosophy of teaching. Our aim is to develop “the whole child”, instilling an enthusiasm for learning, and building strong foundations for our pupils’ future education.

The Montessori Method believes that a teacher’s role is merely one to aid and support the child’s exploration and creativity, while the child learns from their environment and other children at their own pace. This method has shown to help foster independence, confidence, a sense of pride in their achievements and positive self-esteem from an early age.

Speak to our Head Teacher to learn more about our academic curriculum at Windmill Montessori.

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