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My Mum Rocks


My Mum Rocks

This activity allows your child to explore their natural environment as they look for their rock. It will also provide them with the opportunity to create with a purpose in mind and to plan ahead.

You Will Need:

  • Rocks from the garden

  • Paint



  1. Search for your rock in your garden or when out for your walk. You can encourage your child to think about what size they would like to find and to suggest what it might feel like.
  2. Wash your rock with your child, role modelling to them how to do this and then leave the rock to dry.
  3. Use paint to decorate the rock. Try experimenting and see what happens when two colours mix together! 
  4. Allow the rock to dry before giving it to mummy for Mothers Day!


My Mum Rocks Picture.png


We’d love to see your creations. Please share on our facebook page: @inspiringkindrednurseries