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Our Little Book of Science


Our Little Book of Science

In celebration of British Science Week 2021, we have compiled together some of our absolute favourite experiments for you to try at home in this Little Book of Science.


Our teams love discovering and creating science experiments that have our children shrieking with delight. They are a wonderful way to develop so many important skills and encourage our children on their mission to discover the world around them. Our Little Book of Science is filled with the experiments that have got a 10/10 on the shriek of delight scale from all our little ones in the nursery! Even better than that, they are perfect for little hands and use things that you find in the kitchen cupboard.

Just a few of the experiments included are:

  • Crazy Cornflour Slime
  • Rainbow Eruptions
  • DIY Lava Lamp
  • Dancing Worms

We hope that you can enjoy these experiments at home with your family, as much as we do in the nursery! 

Download your Kindred Little Book of Science and get ready for the shrieks of delight!

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