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Top Tips for your Early Years Apprenticeship from the Ofsted Outstanding Provider, Hawk Training


Top Tips for your Early Years Apprenticeship from the Ofsted Outstanding Provider, Hawk Training

Embarking on an early years apprenticeship is a journey of growth and learning. To help you navigate this journey smoothly, our valued tutors at Hawk Training have complied a few of their favourite top tips. 

Let's dive in!

1. Recognise the Commitment Early On

  • Understand the magnitude of the commitment you're taking on. It's not just a job; it's a dedication to learning and growing.
  • Realise that, despite the allure of avoiding college, an early year's apprenticeship demands time and effort, especially when it comes to studying Maths and English. 


2. Don’t Postpone Maths Until Later 

  • Don’t make the mistake of neglecting maths during the initial stages. Waiting until the end of your Early Years Educator (EYE) course can result in running out of time for exam preparation. 
  • The funding for Maths and English courses typically lasts for the first 9 months, and completing these exams is crucial for obtaining a full Early Years qualification. 


3. Agree on Off-the-Job Learning Hours with Your Manager 

  • Ensure that your manager is committed to providing the agreed-upon off-the-job learning time, as specified in the contract with the apprenticeship provider. 
  • Work with your manager to establish a schedule for off-the-job learning, considering potential staff shortages and workload challenges. 


4. Utilise Progress Reviews for Improvement 

  • Progress reviews occur every three months and are an excellent opportunity to celebrate achievements and address challenges. 
  • Collaborate with your manager during these reviews to create plans for improvement and discuss any adjustments needed to enhance your learning experience. 


5. Don't Hesitate to Seek Help 

  • If you encounter difficulties or have questions, reach out to your tutor promptly. They are there to support you at every stage of your apprenticeship. 
  • Avoid falling behind by addressing any issues, even seemingly trivial ones, with your tutor. It's their role to guide you through your apprenticeship journey. 


By following these top tips, you can navigate the challenges more effectively and ensure a successful and fulfilling experience. Remember, embracing the commitment, staying proactive, and seeking support when needed will set you on the path to success.  

An apprenticeship in Early Years is a fantastic way to kick start a career in childcare. Early Years Apprentices learn on the job, balancing their working time between on-the-job training with our experienced team members and mentors, and completing the written and theory part of their studies in order to obtain an industry-recognised early years qualification. As an Early Years Apprentice, you will be supported by a dedicated tutor as well as our vastly experienced nursery team members. 

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