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National Careers Week - Employee Spotlight


National Careers Week - Employee Spotlight

In celebration of National Careers Week, we are excited to hear from a number of our team members who have embarked on specialist qualifications to further their careers and support those around them. Today, we have the privilege of hearing from an inspiring individual, Rachael H, who is our Kindred White Post Nursery Manager who has not only taken the initiative to deepen their understanding of mental health but has also obtained a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) qualification.

"As part of my CPD, I took a Level 2 course in children’s mental health which I found insightful and I was able to have an in-depth understanding of mental health in young children. However, this course did not cover adults and how we can support and understand the challenges that mental health brings to the setting and the staff that we support. Completing this course has given me the skills and knowledge to help support my team and give them a Mental Health First Aider in the setting. This course boosted my confidence in dealing with situations that may arise and gave my team the comfort and support that someone is there to listen and take action if needed. It also opened my eyes to the vast amount of support that is around my local area, as before this course I wasn’t aware of. I can confidently signpost any staff members to support that they may require. This has an added benefit to the team as they are aware that we listen and support which has an added benefit on the setting. Completing this course has had an impact on my confidence and having the knowledge and skills to support my team regarding their mental health.

The staff now have a designated mental health first aider in me to help and offer guidance and support that they haven’t had before. This allows them to have someone to go to and I feel this can have a positive impact on their well-being. I can also sign post to organizations that can offer support that they may need. This has a benefit on the culture and environment that we work in, knowing that the team can be supported if needed.

I have recently used my training to support staff members. My training came in helpful as I was aware of the language that I needed to use, the use of ALGEE, and how I could support individual needs to ensure that they got the support that they needed. The training that I had received, helped me to be confident when talking to the staff member and I was also able to signpost from the MHFaider support app which allowed me to gain information from local support services. My training also helped to identify my skills and strengths in being able to support the team members. Being aware of their feelings, listening, and talking to them. I was aware of their body language and that they just needed to talk and be listened to. This training enabled me to see the bigger picture and be aware of the impact that I had experienced.

Since completing the course, I have introduced and signposted that I am the mental health first aider for the setting, looking at recognizing signs of distress, connecting, and being able to be confident in signposting to other support and creating an environment that supports, guides, and helps. This is a huge benefit for the setting as a whole as the team is aware of the available support should they require it. Also, it has given me an insight on being more aware of mental health and creating a strong culture."


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