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Inspiring Activities to Try at Home

Get your nimble fingers at the ready, because we have plenty of fun activities to try out!

At Kindred our mission is to create awe and wonder in every moment, and we have selected a few of our favourite activities for you to do at home.

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Learning about colours

This activity provide an opportunity to explore a few different colours at a time and can be tailored to the child's age and development.


The Great Kindred Bake Off

Welcome to The Great Kindred Bake Off! Throughout August we will be setting our families, nurseries and staff a baking challenge. Weighing, measuring, learning about ingredients, kneading… the learning and development opportunities are endless. Why not join the challenge and find out how cooking and baking can help your child develop life skills, self-confidence, creativity and a time for you to bond together and have fun as a family.


#SMILE Challenge

We are passionate about our children's mental health and well-being, so today we launch our summer challenge #SMILE - join the challenge and make our children #SMILE.


Bubble Painting

This is a fun and simple activity you can do at home and create some beautiful pictures at the same time.


Calming Glitter Jar

This is a great tool to help promote positive behaviour, but it also provides a wonderful sensory experience for younger children.


Finger Gym - give those fine motor skills a workout!

Developing fine motor skills in children and enjoying activities that improves their dexterity, which will support their early mark making and emergent writing skills. Our 'Finger Gym' helps our children 'workout' those fingers!


Ice Experiments

One minute wow: Three amazing ice experiments that you can do at home.


Benefits of building blocks - join in our challenge!

Is there still a place for plastic building blocks in a loose parts, natural environment nursery and pre-school? Building blocks are a powerful learning tool and help children to develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and reasoning. Annie Tierney, Head of Operations, discusses why we still have plastic building blocks in our nurseries and sets your children a challenge for this week.


Spring is here, welcome to all new beginnings.

Spring has definitely sprung and it is my favourite time of year. It provides so many rich and varied learning opportunities for our children to explore new beginnings. Bulbs have grown into daffodils and tulips; buds that have turned to beautiful blossom on the trees; and crops and vegetables growing, bringing colour and beautiful fresh food to our tables. See how many of these new beginnings you can spot with this week’s challenge: Spring Bingo. An opportunity to help your family explore the world around us. Maybe take it on a walk or in the garden. See how many things you can spot! By Annie Tierney, Head of Operations


Earth Day activities

Today is Earth Day, where we celebrate the Earth's beauty and why we should protect it. Why not use this an opportunity for children to appreciate their surroundings, try our colour hunt and crayon rubbing activities.

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A great book that explains the Coronavirus simply to children.

Launched by Nosy Crow, illustrated by Axel Scheffler and written in conjunction with leading medical experts, headteachers and child psychologists.

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